Asherton University Ranks amongst the Top 5 for Student Experience

Asherton University
Asherton University

22nd October, 2013: A recent survey conducted by a collection of highly reputed international accreditation agencies across the globe have given Asherton University top rankings in terms of optimal student experience

Asherton University has been awarded one of the topmost positions in terms of providing students with a highly positive and optimal student experience, as per a recent survey conducted by a group of well-established accreditation agencies from around the world, in an attempt to assess the overall performance and quality of education provided by some of the world’s leading online universities.

Asherton University prides itself on being one of the leading online educational institutes for working adults, looking to acquire high quality education through affordable and flexible means. Through its state-of-the-art, high-tech platform, students studying at Asherton University can attain up-to-date knowledge regarding events taking place in various industries along with course material relevant to an array of subject fields. In addition, Asherton University aims to provide its students with an experience that is unparalleled by any other online university in the world. “At Asherton, we do not provide students with just an education; rather, we equip them with skills that will give the competitive edge they need to make an impact in the outside world,” explains Amber J. Hillman, Communications Director at Asherton University. “All of this is provided within an environment that is designed to stimulate every student’s learning drive and encourage them to reach their highest potential.”

Hillman added, “Because of the excellence, diversity and affordability that Asherton University offers, more students worldwide are choosing to study with us.” She also said that Asherton is proud to have surpassed top universities when it comes to affordability. “Scholarships covering 90 percent of the fee are generously awarded to competent students, which certainly makes Asherton University the top choice for online students.”

Asherton University remains deeply committed to excel as the world’s best online education provider. The University aims to facilitate working adults and job seekers in their academic and professional endeavors by continuing to disseminate quality education at affordable price.


Ash Lee,

Online Social Service Degree Expert.

Asherton University 


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