Christopher V. Hill Bows Out

Former Bedford resident exits presidential race after enjoying the run.

Weeks before Christopher V. Hill made his , Bedford Patch had the local .

Now, nearly six months later, Hill – who grew up in Bedford and graduated from West High School before earning his degree at the University of New Hampshire – has announced he's withdrawing from the race.

Though a small fish in a pond of heavily-financed political sharks, Hill finished within and the millions of dollars behind the Texas governor.

The Gulf War Veteran released the following statement to supporters yesterday:

Michele and I would to thank all of you for your support and encouragement over the last 6 months. Campaigning with our family, friends and patriotic Americans we have met during this experience was a blessing for us both. We always understood our effort was the grassiest of grass roots. Naively or not, my faith will always remain with the people of this nation. A time is near when the aristocracy in both the Democratic and Republican parties will be discarded by Americans no longer willing to work, only to see their efforts confiscated by Washington," he continued. "I encourage all of you to stand not with a party, but for freedom promised us in the Constitution. Freedom protecting us from the excess of government. Do your part to pass on a better America for our children and grand children.  

With love for America, you were always worth the fight.

Chris and Michele Hill 

Browse through the photos and videos above for a brief glance at Hill's campaign. Also feel free to read more about him, and his run in some of the related stories below.


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