Horn Demands Newspaper Retraction

NH GOP chair candidate says Portsmouth Herald editorial on gun control crossed the line.

Jennifer Horn is demanding a retraction from the Portsmouth Herald for what she calls an "incendiary, irresponsible and grossly offensive" editorial on gun control in the wake of the Newtown school shooting.

Horn, a Nashua Republican running to be the next chair of the Republican State Committee, takes issue with this part of the newspaper's editorial:

"Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., won't even bring up the subject. By being silent, Ayotte is failing to show she cares more about preventing 6-year-olds from being shot in the face than she does about being a rising star in the Republican Party."

An excerpt from a Horn press release:

"This language is incendiary, irresponsible and grossly offensive. Nothing less than a full and unequivocal retraction and an immediate apology to Sen. Ayotte is acceptable. This type of aggressive, personal assault only adds flames to the fire of an already complex and difficult issue and is particularly appalling coming from the editorial board of a previously well-respected newspaper.

"The entire nation mourns the loss of 27 innocent lives in Newtown, CT. Our hearts break and we know that all of our neighbors across New Hampshire are praying for these families. There is no greater fear for a parent than to imagine such a tragedy happening in our own schools. Sen. Ayotte is first and foremost a loving, dedicated mother to two wonderful children and I know that the families in Newtown are in her prayers as well."

The state Republican Party meets Jan. 26 for election of officers and other business. Andrew Hemingway is also running to succeed Wayne MacDonald.


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