Scott Brown: 'I'm Going to Make Some Decisions'

The former Massachusetts Senator appeared on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck questions Scott Brown on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning. Courtesy: Fox & Friends
Elizabeth Hasselbeck questions Scott Brown on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning. Courtesy: Fox & Friends
Scott Brown, appearing on "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning, continued to duck questions about whether he's going to run for U.S. Senate here in New Hampshire. He did, however, go a bit further than he has in the past when asked by host Elizabeth Hasselbeck if he's gearing up for a run.

"I'm obviously taking things into consideration," Brown said. "I'm going to make some decisions and we'll see what happens."

When those decisions will be made remains up in the air. The deadline to file for Senate is still four months away. Brown recently sold his home in Massachusetts and moved full-time to Rye.

[To watch Scott Brown's appearance on "Fox & Friends," click here.]

During his appearance on "Fox & Friends," Brown was also asked about his appearance on stage with the band Cheap Trick on Sunday. Fox showed footage of Brown on stage, playing guitar, and then asked him to comment. The satellite feed then dropped Brown before he could respond, leading to a few awkward moments.

After the break, they managed to get Brown back. "Obviously, it was a Democratic plot," he said of the technical issues. He then discussed his appearance with Cheap Trick, calling it "one of the highlights of my adult life."

Brown's future with Fox News briefly came into question earlier this week when the Boston Globe reported that he was "out of contract" with the network. Brown denied the reoprt, and Fox News announced the following day that they had extended his contributor agreement.


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