UNH Graduation Today

Even if you can't be there, there are many ways to follow the commencement ceremonies.

The University of New Hampshire will hold its commencement ceremonies beginning at 10 a.m. today at Memorial Field.

The 2013 Commencement Speaker will be Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere '82. A combat veteran, Legere's military career spans three decades and includes tours in Germany, Korea, and Iraq, where she completed 18 months as the chief of staff for intelligence.

If you can't make it to graduation but you'd like to follow along, there are several ways to do so.

UNH will be live streaming graduation beginning at 9:30 a.m. They've also set up a social media mashup where you can follow along with what people at graduation are saying in real time. The Twitter hashtag to use is #UNH13.

Here's a list of Exeter area residents who will be graduating from UNH today:


Emily Claire Avant (BA)   

Kevin L Hardman (AAS)

Ashley Decatur Jones (BS)

Alexander Charles Lomonte (AAS)

Derek Andrew Mumford (BS)

Alexa Margaret Price (BA)

Jillian Marie Price (BA)

Kimberly Lynn Rowe (BS)

Rachel Anne Sluder (BS)

East Kingston

Matthew Collins Coronis (BSCS)   

Jessica Grace Favazza (AAS)

Ariana Millette Lovering (BA)

Jeremy Allan Patnaude (BS)

Kevin Jeffrey Walker (BS)


Brian David Angeski (BA)

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Bell (MS)

Sean Alexander Brown (BA)

Kristin Tove Bruce (BS)  

Heidi Bolt Caldwell (MAT)

Joanna Clark Chase (BS)

Carmelina Inez D'Andreti (BA)

Ethan M Duane (BS)  

Lea Mullins Girard (BS)

Valerie Rose Goeman (BS)   

Kayleigh Jennifer Greaney (BA)

Benjamin G Halloran (BS)

Maggi Katie Hanson (AAS)

David Wingate Harmon (BS)

Isaac Richard Haven (BA)

Darcy Pamela James (BS)  

Michael Joseph Klempa (BSEE)

Ashley Loren Klink (BS)

Gregory Kyle Kopanski (BSME)

Kelsey Jane Leonard (MAT)

Megan Elizabeth Mantell (MAT)

Brent G Merriam (MBA)

Elizabeth Elise Murphy (AAS)

Jay Lewis Myers (PHD)

Sharon Ann Norman (MED)

Eric Robert Sales (BA)

Daniel Robert Senechal (BA)

Michiko Kuni-Ellen Sherwood (BS)

Jason Matthew Snook (BA)

Kelly Paige Spencer (BS)

Joseph L. Stanek (BS)

Kathleen Mason Taylor (MBA)

Amy Patricia Weeks (MSW)


Stephen Dennis Belanger (BS)

John Robert Clark (MED)

Christopher Marc Dodier (BS)

Ryan Scott Hale (MFA)

Joan L Lopez (BS)

Thomas Peter Stackhouse (BSMAED)

Meredith Ashley Waldron (BS)

Ryan Joseph Waldron (BSIT)


Megan Beth Labrie (BA)

Justin Scott Pleadwell (BS)

Samy Samer Ramadan (BS)

Michael Andrew Titus (BS)

Zachary Nelson Wiggin (BA)


Jim Edward Anderson (MED)

Matthew Christopher Arsenault (BA)

Matthew Thomas Brady (BSCHE)

Caitlin Marie Christo (BA)

Alexandra Denise Cousins (BS)

Megan Rose Crosby (BS)

Danielle Eileen Cushing (BA)

Brittany Brianna Duffy (BA)

Justine Riveglia Field (BS)

Christopher Arthur Foss (BM)

Geoffrey Allan Gallo (BA)

David Anthony Goodsell (BS)

Samantha Marie Hodgdon (MED)

Jason Jay Hsu (BSEE)

Taylor Michael Kenny (BSENVE)

Brian Patrick LeBlanc (BS)

Jonathan Jackman MacBride (MS)

Lauren Hunt McGrath (EDS)

Kevin Patrick McKenna (BA)

Erin Lee McNulty (BS)

Danielle Nicole Olean (BA)

Kelly Morgan Palmer (BA)  

Michael Joseph Prendergast (MS)

Allison Hull Sakovits (BS)

Elizabeth F Strasser (BA)


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