Group Offers Aid To Troubled Homeowners

Dozens of homeowners could lose their properties for failing to pay taxes.

An Exeter church group is offering to help dozens of homeowners who could lose their properties for failing to pay taxes.

Officials have a list of about 75 properties that could fall under the town's control on Oct. 31 if the back taxes aren't paid in full -- per state law.

On Monday, a member of the 's Social Justice Committee told Selectmen the group is here to help.

"If there is anything we can do to bring a humane resolution to this situation ... we offer our services," said Marion Mengert, a member of the committee told the board.

She and the rest of the members in the group are volunteers.

The property owners have been notified of the issue and are working with officials to resolve it. Some owners have paid back all the taxes and aren't in danger of losing their property.

The back taxes owed on each property range from a few hundred dollars to about $23,000.

If the properties fall under the town's control, one option is for the Housing Authority to take them on. Officials have generally agreed they don't want the town to take on the properties and would rather have the owners work out paying their back taxes.


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